The rhythm of the tides creates the special landscape of Rio Piedras. The new marina of Marina El Rompido is part of these natural surroundings: protected against the rough Atlantic by a huge peninsula with long, unspoilt beaches and sand dunes.




Just below the lighthouses of El Rompido we are taking care of the environment and landscape, we want the navigators found to be free, as anchored and in the countryside, at your service, the facilities of our floating harbour.





The tides may be a challenge - but you will be rewarded with a unique place 

Marina El Rompido features 331 berths in parallel to the current Rio Piedras

Given its concept of river port there are no measures to regulate tidal currents within the facilities, but rarely exceed two knots.

Marina El Rompido has wide spaces between moorings lines which will facilitate the maneuvers, although they can produce momentary restrictions on access to some berths, particularly at maximum points of spring tides.

To reduce the limitations caused by currents, the capitany makes available for customers a service of mariners, assistance and towing boat for help mooring. There are also pontoons waiting to temporarily tie up the tidal change, which will be awarded by port personnel in each case. 

The use of the tugboat and assistance of mariners in the marina is free and always under the responsibility of the captain of the ship assisted.


The harbormasters recommends in adverse conditions that the movement of boats is carried out at points of tide. Users are advised to consult staff in case of doubt port and assistance